Lodge News

March 2022 - Golden Trowel - Gene Kolvig

On Saturday, March 12th 2022 Panther City Lodge #1183 was proud to present the Golden Trowel award to Gene Kolvig, PM.

January 2022 - More Centennial Celebrations!

M.W.G.M. Ken Curry again graced the lodge with his presence in further celebration of our Centennial. True to his word, G.M. Curry did not forget our certificate this time. However he did make us jump through hoops to get it; God, it's great to be a Mason! Much laughter and joking was shared by all in attendance as we again celebrated our 100 years of Brotherly Love, Truth, and Relief.

December 2021 - Panther City Lodge Turns 100!

Due to Conflicts with M.W.G.M Ken Curry's schedule; Panther City Lodge celebrated it's 100th anniversary at it's November stated meeting. But that doesn't mean the celebrating is over. M.W.G.M. Curry is scheduled to visit us again in January to present us with our certificate.

Dec 4th 2021 - Cornerstone Leveling Ceremony

Panther City Lodge #1183 and representatives of the Grand Lodge of Texas performed a cornerstone leveling ceremony and dedicated a time capsule. This cornerstone ceremony was performed for the new 'Jane & John Justin Patient Surgical Tower' located at Fort Worth's Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital. Along with performing the normal cornerstone leveling, members of the lodge donated items to be placed within a time capsule within the corner stone. Items placed in the time capsule included; a Panther City commemerative centennial coin, a picture of the current lodge officers, a copy of the program for the Lodge's 2021 installation of officers, and other items contributed by the lodge members present. (some of which even threw in their dues cards!)

What a find this will be for future generations!

November 2021 - Panther City Lodge #1183 Celebrates it's Centennial.

A festive dinner was enjoyed by all, and the Lodge welcomed M.W.G.M. Ken Curry at our meeting. M.W. Curry took the time to congratulate the Lodge on our 100 years, and inform us that he had forgotten our Certificate. However, M.W. Curry assured us he would visit again and would not forget the certifcate a second time. Overall, It was a jovial celebration of brotherly love and fraternity!

See the Pictures of the Celebration!